26 July, 2014

Not a mainstream beach

When a lot of people see your work, it's normal that there are some of the who dislike it. Our job is to stay real to ourselves and not change to please them. Sometimes it gets rough but what's better than loving yourself, having tough skin and not being a mainstream beach.
Last week I got an extremely important lecture from a random tourist i met: ''Do what you like to do. Seriously, only what YOU like to do.'' One life, one shot, right?

This outfit is one of my faves for sure. I got this cool pretzel street-style sweater in LWGN Streetwise in Ljubljana, it was love at first sight. Combining it with that sparkling blue skirt from Vintage Galerija and my beloved platforms I wish I could teleport myself to streets of London.

Platforms: YRU

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Photo: Robert Ribič

X, Agnes

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