21 July, 2014

Erika Janavi x Lusha Alic

A week ago I posted the first part of our collaboration photoshoot from London wearing a beautiful dress by Urte Rinkeviciute. Here is the second part which was also shot by Lusha Alic!

I was lucky to collaborate with an amazing Fashion and Textile designer, an illustrator and a model - Erika Janavi.

She's just graduated from The University of West London. She says fashion builds her personal confidence, attracts people around, it is a first impression and a start of conversation without any words. Also it is an expression of my freedom.

Erika's contact:

www.facebook.com/pages/Erika-Janavi (THUMBS UP for her page!)

I had a chat with her too!

Agnes: How would you, Erika, describe yourself as a designer?

Erika: I guess I am more an artist than designer. Every day is like a theater to me, when I stand next to my wardrobe – I choose my role to play. That‘s why I try to design something unique and memorable.

Agnes: I wore a playsuit from your latest collection, can you tell more about it? What inspired you and what's special about it?

Erika: Firstly this garment is special because it‘s my favorite piece from entire collection another thing - it involves all unique techniques I‘ve been using to create textiles for my 'Body Canvas‘ collection, including– embroidery, knitted lace, screen printing and hand painted latex floral patterns. My inspiration came from, Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues‘s painting A Young Daughter of the Picts (1585):

I thought this painting is really intriguing because a body of this girl is fully covered by flowers look a like tattoos. I did lots of research on tattoos history to find out if this painting portrays body art or actual tattoos, sadly there was not enough information to confirm any of my guess. Anyway I decided to base my collection on human skin, body canvas like I called it. This canvas was structured by skin, veins and tattoos. I tried to create my illusion of preserved skin worn as a garment.

And here are the photos!

Agnes: What are your achievements you're most proud of so far?

Erika: Producing my first collection was the biggest achievement so far. I felt I wasn‘t ready yet.. This last year of my BA studies was 95% of sweat and tears another 5% of laughter, basically really hard work !

Agnes: What are your wishes and plans for future?

Erika: I‘m up for collaborations with other creative people, I want to showcase my work to larger audience so the new doors will open afterwards. Also I hope to produce my second collection in the near future.

Thanks to my all crew, It was a pleasure working with you!

Styling: Agnes Krown

Xx, Agnes

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