13 July, 2014

Urte Rinkeviciute x Lusha Alic

When I went to London two weeks ago I had an opportunity to collaborate with a young talent - designer graduate of University of West London - Urte Rinkeviciute. Exclusively for Agnes Krown blog we had a photoshooting with a dress from Urte's newest collection.

Urte's contact:

Photos were taken by a promising photographer Lusha Alic. As they wrote in Superior magazine spotlight: Lusha Alic calls herself a visual photographer. “I might see a random thing which could inspire me and stay in my sub consciousness until the idea pops up in my mind“ she says. Looking at her works they are vibrant, fresh, with a bit of attitude and edge to it.
Her photos have been published in many magazines including C-Head, Superior, Zeum and Whitelies magazine.

Lusha's contact:
https://www.facebook.com/lushaalic (make sure you LIKE it!)

Read my interview with the designer!

Agnes: How would you, Urte, describe yourself as a designer?

Urte: I am driven by functional design crafted with clean lines.
Merging creative technical solutions with knitted fabrics, I work hard to produce womenswear that introduces a feeling of vibrancy and precision. I hope you enjoy the attention to detail expressed through every fashion piece, and the depth of concept that labels my work.

Agnes: I wore a dress from your latest collection, can you tell more about it? What inspired you and what's special about it?

Urte: The collection is based on Orientalism, taking a further look into Islamic architecture and European depiction of the Northern African and Middle Eastern culture. All the outfits feature unique knitted textiles which were created through the development of the collection, giving a glimpse of precision and texture never used before.

Agnes: What are your achievements you're most proud of so far?

Urte: The collection has been entirely developed and produced by myself; creative pattern cutting including draping and structured textiles, the development and production of knitted textiles and sewing the outfits together gave me great time management experience and broad understanding of garment development. While other graduates preferred working along the technicians, I am proud to distinguish with an ability to multitask.

Agnes: What are your wishes and plans for future?

Urte: I believe it's just as important to produce a vibrant collection as to make it visible for others. While working on the other projects I am open to various editorial and especially fashion film ideas. At the moment I am organising a look book shoot which I believe would give a closer look to details and quality of the collection which I am very eager to emphasize. My greatest wish is to put my work on the platform where the future employer could see it and give me a chance to develop these skills further.

Styling and makeup: Agnes Krown


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