08 July, 2013

Fashion finds: New heels and swimwear

On sunday, I went to one of the shopping centers in Trieste. I was looking for swimwear. I was very happy when I say there's H&M too, because it's still one of my favorite stores; and they have many clothes which the stores in Slovenia don't even get (look at the official page, there's really a difference!).

I bought:

  • Two pairs of bikinis (H&M)
I was very lucky, I got them almost for free, I took them from last pieces. Yea, sometimes small breasts pay off :)

  • Wedges (H&M)
I couldn't resist. Sorry mum haha. They're 13cm high and I am around 190 tall in them - awsome! They just had size 39 (i wear 40/41) but I bought them anyway, they fit me good.

  • Case for sunnies (H&M)

  • pencil skirt (H&M)
Front side is made of plastic and it's totally awsome! It's quite long but I'm tall anyway so it looks nice.

And while I was in Citypark LJ today, I found a perfect pair of white heels and I HAD to buy them too.

  • Metallic tip heels (New Yorker)
I love love this trend! They're also very comfy.


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