11 August, 2014

Nude Kim Kardashian?

Woohoo. I finally own some Kardashian Beauty products. I've been wanting to try some for a long time. I was sent this Kardashian Beauty Au Naturel Lip Kit in shade Kim by an amazing store Ikona Ljubljana.

To be honest, I'd never go for a completely nude lip. I find it difficult not to draw in my lips, which I love to do. But this duo is really nice and It kinda changed my perspective.

There is that white stick which contains a nude lipliner and a nude lipstick. This lipliner is more of a sticky texture, so it stays on long. I had difficulties applying it, it's  dry and makes patches. Not my fave one. But the lipstick is really silky and soft, it glides on lips like heaven, i promise. It feels moisturizing and lightweight. There is also a nude lipgloss. It's more of a milky shade. I like its non sticky texture.

All the products smell delicious! I lick my lips all the time wishing I could just eat them, you probably know that feeling. Next time I'll change the lipliner for a taupe one, I think it would look even more beautiful. GO GO GO, Kardashians. I was pleasantly surprised.

Thanks to Ikona Ljubljana for sending me the products.

*Note: I wan't payed for the review, this is my own opinion only.*

Dress: Zara
Mesh cardigan: thrifted in East end thrift shop London
Boots: Dr. Martens

X, Agnes

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