23 August, 2014

Icy makeup

This is how I created this fairy / ice queen inspired makeup:

I only applied one thin layer of Rimmel Wake me up foundation and perfected any mistakes with Inglot cream concealer. No highlighter, no bronzer, no contouring, no blush. I wanted it to look radiant but not over done and this Rimmel honey worked it so nice!

To achieve this light blue lids I primed my whole lids with Nyx jumbo pencil in Milk, such an amazing product. Then I patted on Rules of reverence by The She Space. It's a shimmery bright teal one, which I cooled down with a bit of Demure by E.Funkhouser in eye creases. I like open looking eyes so I contentrated on lightening inner corners. Without any dark eyeshadow on, it looked too fake. So I added a bit of Cool mint eye pencil by Gosh, just at the outer parts of lower lash lines. I also applied one coat of Max Factor 2000 calorie mascara.

I slightly filled them in with my staple Inglot brow shadow and lightened them with a tiny bit of a foundation on a spoolie brush just at the beginning of my brows. I like them that way because they match my hair - natural brown with some white ice :) Easy!

Tapped a bit of foundation, I let them nude so eyes can pop out.

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