06 September, 2014

God save the Queen

God save the Queen!
I'm not sure which Queen did they mean- Anja Rubik, Kate Moss or Andreja Pejić (By the way, congrats to Andreja for a brave decision).

This place is one of my favorite places in Ljubljana because its spirit. If you haven't visited Ljubljana yet book a night or two in Hostel Celica and go partying to one of Metelkova's clubs at night. You'll probably love it.

My mum used to warn me of lost hippy artsy souls (''school drop outs, drugs'',... ) but I came to a conclusion I have to fear the other ones. The ones who have no ideas, who go with the flow, who parasite our creativity and not the ones who put themselves out there loud with their ideas. At the end, we are the ones who decide what we wanna do with them. We need changes and only active approach can save our society.

 Top: second hand
Skirt: H&M
Sunnies: Zara
Platforms: YRU

Photo: Robert Ribič

X Agnes

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