31 August, 2014


Combination of materials is as important as colors. And the special ones excite me.
When I saw this top in Zara (actually, my friend Matic who works there as an assistant showed it to me) I almost jumped to the roof, I've been searching for a piece like this for AGES. Slovenians know how hard it is to find something extravagant here... My eyes were like: ''This flashy thingy is just perfect for you, you've got to get it no matter what.'' Yeah right. $$$ And then... I saw it was on sale for *breathe* 5 Euros. The happiest shopping day of this summer for sure :3 

Top: Zara
Skirt: H&M
Peak hat: Primark
Platform sandals: Primark

Photo: Robert Ribič

Xx, Agnes

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