15 June, 2014

Don't fear the skin

We've seen quite some nipple revealing outfits this year including at Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior & Marc Jacobs runway shows (btw Kendall Jenner should maybe cover Vogue instead of her sis Kim,?). Starting with Rihanna's outfit at Balmain after party in Paris to CFDA awards. Rihanna also covered Lui magazine showing off her breasts. She posted the cover also to Instagram  but it was deleted due to strict censorship. Instagram is seriously terrified of nipples.

It also happened to Anja Rubik's 25 Magazine Instagram account when they deleted a picture od Anja wearing the finale look for Anthony Vaccarello Fall 2014. They also deleted their official account.
Anja commented for Style.com:

Style.com: So Instagram allows crass, clothed images but censors photographs that celebrate a woman’s nude body. What kind of message do you think that’s sending to the public?
Anja: I think it’s very strange. It makes us think that we should have some kind of complex about our bodies. It sends the message that our bodies are unnatural and not beautiful, and I think women need to fight this. Talking about sex and the naked body has become such a taboo, and that’s when people start having problems—when they can’t be open about it. We need to be proud of our bodies. We create all these really fake ideals of beauty nowadays with images of women that are physically altered, and women are trying to attain these insane, unrealistic ideals. But we show a natural woman naked and that’s an issue? I don’t understand it.

Should we cover all the skin to comfort their ignorance? Breasts, legs, tummy, doesn't matter.

I'm wearing my new and absolutely amazing shrug by Dessign.
Dressign is a new indie fashion brand with an urban style and touch of architecture and couture.

Top: New Yorker
Shorts: Nike Man
Shoes: YRU
Bag: Cappelletto

Photo: Robert Ribič

X, N

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