27 May, 2014

Break the rules

Who are you if you obey all the rules of the society? You are meant to be slim, attractive but yet acting classy, smart and of course dressed by expectations of  'the society'. Or maybe not. It's maybe just your insecure little voice that tells you what is right and what is wrong based on general ideas of beauty. 'The society' is not guilty for you feeling uncomfortable without makeup on, you are. Clear your mind and reset it to please only your criteria. It's easier to point a finger at 'the society' than to figure out why do you approve or disapprove, feel confident or insecure in certain clothes.
They say socks and sandals don't match. For me, they do. I love the contrast of black sandals and cute white socks. It's such a nice feeling when you know you're true to yourself. I'm not Kim K's fan but damn girl, she pulls off her i-love-my-curves-and-i'm-not-ashamed-of-nothing look great! It's all about empowering people to free their minds, to do what they truly want, to be brave enough and to love yourself the most. Hairy underarms, shaved hair, bleached eyebrows or 10-color outfit. YES

shirt: Zara
jeans: DIY
bag: Zara
shoes: H&M

Photo: Robert Ribič

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Xx, Nez

1 comment:

  1. You look so good in socks and sandals...the no socks and sandals rule is so stupid!