25 May, 2013

3 make up looks

I'm excited to show you my newest make up creations! I wanted to make something wearable and chic.

Make up #1: Natural make up

I used:

  •  Catrice prime and fine illuminating base: it keeps foundation on place, illuminates skin, makes MU last longer
  • Catrice prime and fine smoothing refiner: smoothes pores and makes them invisible, it's also works great with acne scars
  •  Ben Nye HD matte foundation: Used carefully, only a bit to cover any blemishes and redness, I think Teja's freckles look amazing so I didn't cover them
  •  Kryolan eyeshadow in M101 for contouring cheekbones and jawline
  •  Sleek Storm palette for eyebrows: I only used the lightest matte brown because it gives the most natural look
  •  Artistry eye color palette in Discreet: same I used in last MU post
  • Deborah Black+Long mascara: I applied it on upper lashes for minimal difference and more natural look
  •  Artistry eye pencil in Classic Black: I applied it on upper waterline to optically thicken lashes
  • Alverde highlighter pencil: I applied it on lower waterline for a fresh look, this trick works great when your eyes look boring
  •  Terra Naturi lipgloss in 01 Sheer pink

Make up #2: Classy dramatic party make up

I used:
  • Catrice prime and fine illuminating base
  • Ben Nye HD matte foundation
  • Kryolan eyeshadow in M101 for contouring cheekbones and jawline
  • Kryolan eye shadow in Gold Dlow for  highlighting cheekbones and under brows to lift them, applied heavily
  • Alverde mono eyeshadow in 10 Magic brown for eyebrows: I only darkened outer part of brows
  • Essence A new league soft touch eyeshadow (LE) in happy preppy: cream white eyeshadow is a great base color to build contrast and to illuminate lids
  • Sleek palette Storm: I used golden color on outer half of a lid and lower outer corner, darker shimmery brown color in V zone and matte black for very outer corner, a flick and on upper waterline for dramatic effect
  • Deborah Black+Long mascara: I put it on with a mascara fan brush to create carbon black, long and thick lashes, I didn't any for central part of lower lashes
  •  A piece of paper: I put it on lids when I was blending in darker eye shadow to prevent it from going too wide out, it created a sharp edge
tip: When you're making darker eye make up, do the eyes before covering your skin with foundation because you would probably have to remove any fallen eye shadow on cheeks and you would have to remove foundation too!

Make up #3: Earth-y make up

I used:
  • Catrice prime and fine illuminating base
  • Ben Nye HD matte foundation
  • Terra Naturi Make up stick as a concealer
  • Kryolan eyeshadow in M101 for contouring cheekbones, jawline, eyebrows and for smoking out inner part of eyes and to contour a nose
  • Beauty Uk eyeshadow collection palette number 4: I used copper brown in outer corner
  • MUA trio eyeshadow Eden: I applied green eye shadow over brown eye shadow because I didn't want it to be too bright
  • Bourjois metallic eye liner in 54 Bleu cliquant: I applied only a tiny amount of it as a liner and I blended it with a green shadow
  • Deborah Black+Long mascara
  • Essence lipliner in 05 Soft berry
  • Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in Kiss of life

That's all, I hope this post was an inspiration for you when you don't know what make up you wanna wear.

I had lots of fun doing it especially because my bestie Teja was my model!

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